Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Shot Brooch

The Big Shot is not only for cutting card - it cuts a whole lot of other materials too including polar fleece!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to make my very own polar fleece brooch when I attended our team's monthly get-together.  Brenda showed us how to make these fashion accesories and we all had lots of fun constructing them.  If you're a sewer and have lots of scraps in bags stashed away (like me!) then this is a great way of using some of them up.

The circles were cut with the Circles #2 Originals Die and you can cut more than one layer of polar fleece at the time too which is great.

All in all there are five petals made up of two circles each, two hand cut leaves, another circle to hold the pin on the back and a nice button to finish it off.  My mum made the orange one with the pearl centre, incredible how starting with the same sized circles we came up with two quite different flowers!  I like to think of mine as a "David Austen" rose LOL!


  1. and my black one looks completely different again.

  2. They look great x I'll be having a go myself.