Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrapbooking from the past - 1961 to be exact!

Some weeks ago I had a pleasure of attending my Aunt and Uncle's Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations.  It was a beautiful day - same as the wedding day all those years ago according to Uncle Ray - and held in the same church they were married in.

After the religious ceremony we gathered for a luncheon in the hall next door and after some delicious food I wondered over to a display table set up with wedding photos, a lovely cake, a Papal blessing and a scrapbook of their wedding cards!!

Needless to say I was interested in all the items but particularly in the scrapbook, specially when mum and Aunt Pat looked through it and pointed out the card mum and dad had given them on that occasion.

I guess my point of all this is that to me that is the whole point of scrapbooking!  I was delighted to look through the pages and get a glimpse of the past, the way cards were back in those days, you could read the greetings inside, it was lovely and I felt somehow privileged to be able to do this - thanks Aunt Pat for being such a great guardian of the past.

I took some photos (of course!) as I wanted to share this special moment with you as well - enjoy!

It would be great to hear similar stories, leave me a comment with your experiences!

From left:  my dad, Aunty Monica, Aunty Patricia (the bride!) and my mum

A selection of wedding cards from 1961

Wedding bells

And a wedding belle!

Mum and dad's card to the happy couple (mum opened it and read the message and almost laughed out loud as it was almost exactly the same message she had written in the card she gave them for their anniversary!)

Not a card - just the lovely bouquet!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing - it's exactly why we do scrapbook! Future generations will be even more thankful. You've now made me want to do something similar with my wedding cards. I think I'll add them in the back of our wedding album.